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Repeater Rules - All properly licensed amateurs are welcome to use the WA9RN repeater systems.  We do ask that you not "kerchunk" the system (keying up and not identifying).  Both repeaters use full-time PL tone, so any "kerchunks" are intentional transmissions.  We remind everyone that making unidentified transmissions is prohibited by FCC rules and all users of our systems are required to follow the rules.  Any station that does not follow FCC rules and identify their transmissions is not welcome on our systems.

Welcome to the official KB9RRN Repeater web site!  The KB9RRN Repeater serves central Indiana and is linked to the K9NZF repeater on the same frequency pair in east central Indiana, forming a wide area analog system on UHF.

A big thank you to our sponsors including K9NZF, KB9TRQ, WB4VFA, and KA9CCN.  Your support makes this system possible!

Indy Site RF Configuration

  • 448.325 MHz Receive
  • 443.325 MHz Transmit
  • PL® 156.7 Hz Receive and Transmit

The station is owned and operated by KB9RRN, and is affiliated with and sponsored by K9NZF Systems.  The system may be accessed over the air or EchoLink® connection to KB9RRN-R (node number 541081) or K9NZF-R (node number 443325).

Basic control codes are available to interested amateurs in good standing with the system operators who are wishing to use the system to connect to other repeaters, links, and conferences on the EchoLink® network.  Be advised that during routine operation, the system automatically maintains it's connection to K9NZF-R and with the current VoIP configuration at the K9NZF-R Master Site, all K9NZF repeater audio including courtesy tone and system CW ID is passed through KB9RRN-R and any other nodes connected to it.  Additional connections should be made with discretion and disconnected as soon as use of those connections is no longer needed.  Please send e-mail to noc (at) nwjcra (dot) org for details.

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