The W9EIB Repeater serves central Indiana and is linked to the K9NZF repeater on the same frequency pair in east central Indiana, forming the wide area multicast WA9RN analog system on UHF.  The repeater station was built and tuned by K9NZF.

K9NZF Systems Field Day 2022

Here is a look at our Field Day 2022 operations thanks to the great talents of K9TDX.

WA9RN Indy Site

  • 443.325 MHz (+5 MHz TX Offset)
  • PL® 156.7 Hz Receive and Transmit
  • Motorola MSR 2000 Repeater Station
  • NHRC 4 Controller
  • AMI-2 Interface
  • CommScope DB-420 Phased Dipole Array Antenna
  • Andrew LDF4-50A Feedline

The station is owned and operated by W9EIB, and is affiliated with and sponsored by K9NZF Systems.  The system may be accessed over the air or EchoLink® connection to W9EIB-R (node number 541081) or K9NZF-R (node number 443325).

EchoLink Control Codes

  • *7  -  Connection Status
  • *3  -  Connect (Followed by Node Number)
  • *1  -  Disconnect Last Node
  • *10  -  Disconnect All Nodes

Be advised that the system maintains static connections to W9EIB-L and K9NZF-R.  These connections cannot be disabled by an over-the-air DTMF command.  There is also a 60-second transmit timeout for VoIP connections.  A station connected through the VoIP interface that is transmitting longer than 60 seconds continuously will automatically be disconnected.  This timer is enabled to protect the repeater system from abusive duty cycles that often exist on VoIP networks.

The following stations make this repeater system possible.  We are eternally grateful for their contributions.

  • K9NZF
  • KA9CCN
  • WB4VFA
  • W9TTV
  • KB8ZGL
  • KD9LEJ
  • N3XCC
  • WPJQ324
  • WQSG846

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