Hamvention®  MegALinK

A Word Regarding the Closure of Hara Arena: 

 At this time, we have no definite plans to terminate the Dayton Hamvention MegALinK project. With the recent news that the Hamvention will be moving to the Greene County Ohio Fairgrounds in 2017, we are exploring several possibilities for putting our portable special event repeater on-site for the weekend of the show.  Should everything work out, we expect to link back to our core network sites as usual.

Please e-mail Dennis at: K B 9 R R N (at) n w j c r a (dot) o r g 


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The MegALinK is made possible by the following:

Chief Anderson Amateur Radio Club

JoRCaR Labs / K9NZF Systems

TNT Electronics

Les Schulte, N8ZSQ

Tim Thornburg, KA9CCN

WA9RN – Wide Area Radio Network

Greg Casto, N9DEZ

Brett Busby, K9BUZ

Dennis Boyle, KB9RRN


Additional services provided by:

Jason Adam - Digital Media

Sportzone, Muncie Indiana - Custom Apparel

Keith Lambert’s Flooring, Muncie, Indiana – Transportation Services


A special Thank You to Les, N8ZSQ for providing us with repeater facilities, internet and power for this project!





 Please visit our digital counterparts at Hoosier DMR.net.

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Dayton Hamvention® is a registered trademark of the Dayton Amateur Radio Association. EchoLink® is a registered trademark of Synergenics, LLC. MegALinK™ and KleerKonnect™ are trademarks of K9NZF Systems™ with all rights reserved. Neither Dayton Hamvention® nor the Dayton Amateur Radio Association endorse or sponsor in any way the MegALinK™ system. Neither MegALinK™ nor K9NZF Systems™ are affiliated in any way with Dayton Hamvention® or the Dayton Amateur Radio Association. The MegALinK™ system is provided free of charge by licensed amateur radio operators to promote the hobby and amateur radio communications related to events at the Dayton Hamvention®. The MegALinK™ system is open for use by all properly licensed amateur radio operators subject to the stipulations set forth by the system control operators.